What Is The GDPR? || How It Effects?

In this article, we are going to talk about GDPR. So what exactly is this law and how it affect you as a WordPress website owner?

What is the GDPR?

So the General Data Protection Regulation is a European Union law that came in effect in 2018 and the goal of this law is to give European Union citizens control over their personal data. And on the other hand, it was also meant to regulate the data collection and processing of the approach of companies around the globe.

And businesses which do not comply with the GDPR laws can face a very high fine which is somewhere up to 4% of their global revenue. So how does this GDPR log affect the website owners? So here are the six ways by which it will affect the website owners.

How It Effects?

  • How you collect user data in form of a contact form or maybe a newsletter, a sign-up, or maybe even a comment form.


  • How you collect the analytics data. And after that what do you do with that data which you got from maybe form filling or maybe from your analytics.


  • Where you store that data that you just collected.


  • How you communicate with your customers and contacts using that data. And last but not least plugins and themes that you are using on your website.

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So no matter if you live in the EU or anywhere in the world, if you get visitors anywhere from EU, then these laws are applicable to you as well. So no matter you are a small, medium, or large-sized corporate,

if you are getting visitors anywhere from the EU, these laws are mandatory for you as well. So what are the requirements for this GDPR?

Requirements Of GDPR


  1. Protection of user’s personal identifying information and that could be the username or their email address, phone number, their IP address, health or income information of that user.
  2. Set a standard way for companies storing and processing user data from their website.


So the biggest question is

Is WordPress GDPR compliant?

The answer is yes. As of WordPress 4. 9.6, the WordPress core software is itself GDPR compliant and the core team provided various features to make it compatible with the GDPR compliance.

Having said that, as WordPress can be used to create very dynamic websites, it’s the responsibility of the website owner to make sure that the plugins and themes that you are using on your website also comply with the GDPR rules.

What Is GDPR

For example, due to GDPR compliance requirement, WordPress has added a comment consent check box so the users can of course skip that check box but it means that they have to enter their personal information every time they have to comment on any blog post of that particular website because before that the information gets stored in the browser cookies

so that every time you don’t have to enter this information in future.

It’s not like EU is after you or your website business, it’s just that we need to follow some simple rules for collection and processing of data on our WordPress website and this is actually to help the visitors just to give transparency and freedom for the users to have access and information about their data how it’s being collected and processed by various websites online.

So this is a quick summary of GDPR laws in the next few videos we will cover more about this
GDPR in depth so stay tuned for that.

So that’s it for this one and I’ll see you in the next article.


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