Abbie Chatfield ‘roasts’ old clubbing photos, looks unrecognisable

Abbie Chatfield has given fans a glimpse into her life before she found fame – sharing a string of old photos from her younger years.

The 27-year-old delved into her Facebook archive after reminiscing about a string of Brisbane bars and clubs she used to frequent with friends that sadly no longer exist.

“I found photos of me clubbing and I can’t deal,” Abbie captioned a TikTok video, sharing snaps taken between 2015 – 2019, before she appeared on season 6 of The Bachelor.

The first photo in the influencer’s playful “roast” of herself is a snap she believes was taken when she was 17, wearing a graphic print skirt and white “elastic” top.

“Flex, wow, slay is all I have to say,” Abbie begins.

“This skirt was my favourite of all time, we used to carry around these Mimco wallets that were like the size of your head.

“The top was I think like entirely elastic, it was very funny.”

She also pointed out her statement earrings, ribbing herself for sporting such large earwear.

While she concluded she felt she “looked pretty here”, Abbie wasn’t as kind to herself with the next photo.

In the snap, the It’s A Lot podcast host has her then-dark hair tied back and has matching eyebrows, which appear to have been recently tinted. Her eye makeup is equally deep while her lipstick is a bright pink.

The TV presenter and podcast host is visibly shocked, letting out a small gasp as she shares a selfie she said she posted on Facebook before a night out.

She quickly moves onto another photo, sharing a snap from her 18th birthday in which she mocks her “plastic necklace”.

However, she’s still a fan of her black dress – which featured a plunging neckline – describing it as “hot” and adding she’d still wear it today but with different boots.

In a photo, Abbie addresses her younger self, stating: “Babe, stop straightening your hair so much and if you’re gonna straighten it, put a part in [it].”

She went on to explain she had extensions in and had dyed her hair “pitch black”.

“Look at my regrowth, how much lighter it is,” Abbie points out, while holding her hand to her face.

While her TikTok video ended there, the Masked Singer panellist continued the trip down memory lane on Instagram, sharing even more photos – including one from her 19th birthday wearing a very sexy dress.

In the picture, Abbie – who had bleach blonde hair at the time – looks completely different to how we’re used to seeing her.

“First of all, my hair colour is actually looking pretty good but I think I did it myself and it’s very damaged,” she revealed.

“Makeup looks hot though, my face is like [French kiss] beautiful and the dress is that iconic For Love and Lemon dress … is it me or is it kind of hot still?”

She then moves the camera to reveal the whole outfit, a black lace number with flesh-coloured fabric across her arms and thighs, giving an illusion she’s wearing lingerie.

“I was really nervous wearing this and I really shouldn’t have, it was very dramatic for a Brisbane night out,” she said.

However, Abbie concluded the racy outfit was a “slay”.

Fans loved the nostalgic photos, with many stating they remembered the different eras well.

“OMG, the Mimcos in the club,” one commented.

“Those bags had all of us in Australia in a chokehold,” another agreed.

Others commented on the fashion in the photos, arguing it was spot-on for that time in history.

“As a fellow early 2000s clubber that skirt and print was ITTTTTTTT,” one wrote.

“Yaaas. The skirt!! The plastic necklace! The fluoro colours! Aussie clubbing at its finest,” another stated.

“These dresses and skirts were out bread and butter,” one fan said.

Some fans loved the throwback photos so much, they asked for more, writing: “We need a part 2 please.”

“Abbie of all ages always an iconic queen,” another said.

“The fuchsia pink lipstick of that era. It NEVER suited me and I wore every shade,” someone else laughed.

Abbie’s playful post comes just days after it was alleged she has split with boyfriend Konrad Bień-Stephen after 10 months of dating.

The pair, who are in an open relationship, have not confirmed reports they have separated, which first appeared on Daily Mail Australia.

However Abbie has addressed the rumours, telling fans she’s “totally okay”, but adding she would not be commenting further until Konrad returns from filming a reality show overseas.

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