Arceus — Request 69 Guide (Gone Astray…in the Highlands)

Some Requests in Pokemon Legends: Arceus form a series of sidequests that unlock each time players explore a new region. They’re not too difficult for casual gamers to solve, but some are trickier than others. One set of sidequests involves helping an NPC find his sister, who has a habit of getting lost in every corner of Hisui.

Request 69: Gone Astray…in the Highlands is the third part of a series of five Requests in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. As players make their way through the campaign, they’ll learn the ability to call Ride Pokemon that can carry them across water or allow them to climb mountains. A little ways past the midway point of Legends: Arceus, players will be able to start Request 69 as long as they’ve met the requirements.


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Request 69 Walkthrough

Players can get Request 69 from Zeke at the Galaxy Hall. He’s standing right outside Cyllene’s office, so it’s not hard to miss him. Speak with him, and he’ll ask players for Ursaluna’s help in tracking down his sister, Wanda. In order for Request 69 to become available, players will need to have/do the following Complete Request 38: Gone Astray…in the Mirelands.

    • How to get: Get the Ride Ursaluna.
  1. Complete Request 58: Gone Astray…in the Coastlands.
  2. Start Mission 10: Scaling Perilous Heights.
  3. Get the ability to call Sneasler with the Celestica Flute.
    • How to get: Battle Ingo for the first time at the Coronet Highlands.

At this point in the game, players should have calmed the Nobles Kleavor, Lilligant, and Arcanine. In addition to this, they should also have the options to ride Wyrdeer, Ursaluna, and Basculegion. Should these requirements be fulfilled, and the Request still isn’t appearing, then that means they didn’t do Request 38, Request 58, or they still don’t have the Ride Sneasler.

  1. Once players start Request 69, they should go to the Coronet Highlands and choose to spawn at the Mountains Camp. This is unlocked by completing Request 65: Setting Up the Mountains Camp.
  2. Call Ursaluna with (+) and follow the blue arrow.
  3. Go east of the Mountains Camp and across the river of Lonely Spring.
  4. Along the southeast edge of Lonely Spring, there’s a ledge. If players are looking in the right area, they should be able to find Wanda. Refer to the above image (marked with the star) for her exact location.

Once these steps have been completed, return to Zeke at the Galaxy Hall after speaking to Wanda. He’ll give one Star Piece as a reward. This can be sold at the store for 5000 Poke Dollars.

The next “Finding Wanda” Request is Request 77: Gone Astray…in the Icelands. However, players won’t unlock this until they’ve discovered the Alabaster Icelands.

It’s not necessary to complete Request 65 to get to Wanda for Request 69. Players can start from the Heavenward Lookout Camp and still reach the Lonely Spring.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is available for Nintendo Switch.

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