Dynamo’s BGMI ID, complete stats, YouTube earnings, and more in 2022

The BGMI community has been blessed with multiple players who are recognized all over the world as gaming icons. Aaditya “Dynamo” Sawant is one such gamer who has acted as a pillar in establishing India’s position on the world map in terms of gaming.

With over 10 million subscribers on YouTube, Dynamo is considered to be the most popular Battlegrounds Mobile India streamer. In fact, his immense popularity helped him bag the ‘Fan Favorite Streamer of the Year Award’ at the recently hosted Indian Gaming Awards.

Details of BGMI star Dynamo that fans should know about

Besides being a prominent streaming personality in the country, Dynamo is also the owner of Team Hydra, an Indian BGMI team. Listed below are his ID, stats, earnings, and other information.


Whenever BGMI players make an account, they are given a unique code that acts as their identity in-game and others can search for them using this ID. Dynamo’s in-game ID is 591948701.

Furthermore, gamers’ profiles can also be found using their in-game names (IGN). Dynamo’s IGN is H¥DRA丨DYNAMO. Using this, fans will be able to send him in-game popularity and help him rank up the leaderboard as he currently sits in the fourth position.

Seasonal stats

Since Dynamo is busy with shoots, brand work as well as managing his clan, he only plays classic matches when he livestreams the game for his fans. He mostly plays alongside friends from the gaming community and sometimes with random teammates.

In the re-introduced Cycle 3 Season 7, he has already claimed a solid position in the Diamond IV tier, garnering 3301 points in the process.

A snippet showing BGMI star Dynamo's stats in the re-introduced C3S7 (Image via Krafton)
A snippet showing BGMI star Dynamo’s stats in the re-introduced C3S7 (Image via Krafton)

Dynamo played only 12 classic matches in the TPP Squad mode. In these, he managed to win 3 Chicken Dinners, getting a win rate of 25%. In 9 of those games, he helped his squad reach the top ten.

Dynamo has managed to deal a total of 8620.8 damage, achieving an average damage count of 718.4. He successfully maintained an admirable F/D ratio of 3.42, outclassing 41 enemies in the Ancient Secret: Arise mode.

Interestingly, the YouTube star’s marksman skills are distinctly highlighted in his headshot percentage of 19.5. Furthermore, Team Hydra’s owner has an average survival time of 13.5 minutes with an accuracy percentage of 11.2. His best performance in the re-introduced Cycle 3 Season 7 had Dynamo claiming 13 finishes and 2134 damage dealt in a single match.

Note: Dynamo’s stats were gathered while writing this article and is subject to change.

YouTube earnings

Dynamo owns the crowd-favorite esports organisation, Team Hydra, and is one of the most popular names in the gaming community. He has helped his organisation achieve success in both content creation as well as esports. His major source of revenue is his popular YouTube channel, Dynamo Gaming, which currently boasts over 10.1 million subscribers.

Based on the stats provided by Social Blade, Aaditya Sawant has accrued revenue somewhere between $1.6K – $26.2K in the last 30 days from his YouTube channel alone. In this same time period, the BGMI sensation has garnered more than 5K subscribers.

Note: Although many streamers (including Dynamo) are streaming BGMI, Indian players are requested to refrain from playing the game as it is suspended by the Indian government currently.

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