I work at Walmart – surprisingly strict uniform rules we have to follow including no shorts & piercing bans

WALMART has a long list of rules about what employees are not allowed to wear.

The company’s dress code doesn’t allow its workers to wear a variety of clothing or accessories.

Walmart employees are allowed to wear denim jeans


Walmart employees are allowed to wear denim jeansCredit: Getty
Walmart introduced a less strict dress code in 2018


Walmart introduced a less strict dress code in 2018Credit: Getty

In 2018, Walmart introduced relaxed dress guidelines in stores for employees, as reported by Algrim.

They are allowed to wear any color denim as well as wear shirts of any color with whatever pattern they like.

But they cannot wear torn jeans, bejeweled trousers, distressed denim, or any pants with ragged edges.

Jeans with stains, discoloration, patches, white stitching, or jewel/sequin details, are also not allowed.

Shorts are still not allowed, but they may wear baseball caps as long as they are Walmart caps.

A cashier is not allowed to wear a hat though.

Employees cannot wear athletic wear athlesiure wear or loungewear on the job.

This includes leggings and yoga trousers.

They’re also permitted to wear sneakers rather than formal shoes.

The dress code permits Walmart employees to wear facial piercings, but it does not apply to people who work in a fresh food establishment, like a bakery.

People who are seen wearing piercings may be requested to remove their piercings for sanitary reasons.

Walmart eliminated the prohibition on hair color.

As long as the color doesn’t disrupt them from their duties, employees are welcome to style their hair however they want.

Depending on the store manager, what constitutes as distracting varies, so it is advised to verify with them.

Although some managers are allowed to wear hoodies, others are not.

This is dependent on the position of the employee.

Some workers can wear a hoodie and simply tuck the hood into the Walmart Vest, but there are some employees who are prohibited from wearing one at all.

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