Letter to the Editor: Los Alamitos Unified exacerbates mental health issues with tampons in boys’ restroom

Dear Editor:

Has all common sense left the building? Progressives and conservatives disagree politically sure, but where can we bridge the gap of common sense when it comes to our children? Whether you’re Republican/Conservative or Democrat/Socialist – we need to come together for the kids!

A tampon/sanitary pad dispenser was installed in the BOYS’ restroom at Oak Middle School, which is part of the Los Alamitos Unified School District (LAUSD). Gov. Newsom’s California Education Code 35292.6 that became effective on July 1, 2022 states all schools serving grades 6-12 shall adequately stock menstrual pads and tampons in ONE mens’ restroom. Parents and concerned community members who care about our children need to know that the new Oak Middle School Principal Evelyn Garcia and the LAUSD board had a choice of WHICH mens’ restroom. Here are two locations that Principal Garcia could have selected IF she was focused on serving the children in her school:

  • The men’s restroom located next to the teachers’ lounge.
  • The all-gender restroom located next to the nurse’s office.

Progressives may not think that confusing young boys with gender dysphoria is a big deal, but it is to MANY parents. Any trans students (female to male) could use the designated restroom and have more privacy.

Instead, Principal Garcia and the LAUSD board selected a restroom that will cause more mental health issues by subjecting ALL biological boys to the confusion of a menstrual tampon and pad dispenser in their bathroom. For those parents who believe in parental rights, the decision by Principal Garcia and the LAUSD board is alarming, at best.

Students at Oak Middle School (biological boys, biological girls and trans) deserve more respect.

Evelyn Garcia, you owe the boys, the trans students, the parents and the community an apology!

Staci Muller
Single mom in Seal Beach who removed her children from LAUSD due to their terrible decisions!

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