“Pitbull from wish”, “Right Said Fred’s butler” – Celtic fans react to musicians ‘weirdos’ jibe

The Celtic fans have been getting targeted by all sorts in the media world over the last couple of weeks.

It’s been well documented who the fans have wound up over the monarchy banners so you don’t need me to remind us all.

But yesterday’s condemnation by Ian Blackford brought out an unexpected critic.

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The SNP Leader for Westminister ‘called out’ the Celtic fans whilst conveniently forgetting that his own club’s [Hibs] supporters demonstrated against the monarchy and that the Tartan Army provided the ‘loudest booing across the UK’ according to Anthony Joseph:

But it was this comment from Dougy [yeah, I’ve no idea who he is either], that drew the ire of the Celtic support:

After an extensive Google search, I couldn’t ascertain who he is but from the replies from the Hoops fans I’m guessing he’s some sort of grime musician?

Anyway, it was a rather bizarre comment to make and judging by the replies, he got an extra wee five minutes of some much needed fame:

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