Roth campaign: Evers running the most negative campaign for Wisconsin governor in our lifetime

[Appleton, WI] – Tony Evers began the summer by claiming he wanted to run a positive campaign. However, as voters evaluate Evers’ four year-record of releasing brutal murderers into our communities, shutting down our economy, prioritizing teachers union bosses over parents, and failing Wisconsin families, Evers is finally revealing his true colors to save his flailing campaign.

“We know Tony Evers has been a terrible governor, and his two-faced campaign reveals what kind of person he is,” said State Senator Roger Roth, the Republican candidate for Lt. Governor. “Evers can deploy every smear tactic under the sun to hide from his failed record, but voters will see through it and reject his tired, old politics of personal destruction.”

This week, in a coordinated attack between Democrats and their allies in the media, Evers took to the airwaves to attack Michels Corporation, a Wisconsin family-owned company that employs over 8,000 people, on the basis of five unproven allegations spanning over 22 years. During this period of time, the company employed tens of thousands, yet Evers, a man with zero private sector experience, tries to paint five complaints as a pattern. Of those complaints, only one former employee anonymously spoke with the press – and that person did not even blame Tim.”

Meanwhile, Evers is spreading outright lies about Tim’s stance on birth control, lying about his ability to control his own parole commission, while releasing convicted murderers and child rapists back into our neighborhoods. Evers is misrepresenting the facts because he knows he can’t stand on his own record of letting Kenosha burn, allowing cities to defund the police and refusing to hold soft-on-crime DAs like John Chisholm accountable.

“Tony Evers is running the most negative campaign for Wisconsin Governor in our lifetime,” said Roth. “He will stop at nothing to keep what has been for him, a part time job.”

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