Toto Wolff claims teams will blast $10.5 Million worth engines every race if no effective deterrent is found

Toto Wolff claims that teams with the better financial edge would bring new engines every race if an effective deterrent is not used.

In Formula 1, teams with better finances have often had the edge. But with the cost cap introduced, this edge was intended to be minimalized.

However, the budget constraints are only on the chassis side. The engines are still not included in the cost cap, making Toto Wolff uneasy about how the teams with better finances can use this to their advantage.

The engines are the costliest expense in F1, with each unit costing $10.5 million. If they are included in the budget caps, teams would be tied and would behave carefully with it.

Thus, the Mercedes boss has suggested that the FIA develop a better deterrent to prevent teams from blasting engines in every race as a new engine can give a three-tenths of a second advantage.

“We don’t want an arms race on engines being brought because whatever freedom they give us, we will do it and we will do it even more strategically,” said Wolff as per Planet F1.

“If it is only five or 10 places, we will blow an engine every race because it is going to be three-tenths [of a second] quicker than the one before. So there needs to be a certain deterrent.”

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Toto Wolff did exactly the same last year

Every year, only three engines can be legally used by each driver. After that, with every power unit equipment, a penalty is imposed. Generally, the first violation is the most strict, and with every new engine, penalties are not so harsh anymore.

In 2021, amidst the battle with Red Bull, Mercedes did the same. Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton took more engines, six and five, respectively, compared to the other teams.

Mercedes engine had more power than Honda, which Red Bull was using. Therefore, with fresher engines, the Silver Arrows could catch up with their rivals even with grid penalties.

The biggest example is Hamilton’s ultimate showdown in Brazil, where he started from P20 in the sprint race on Saturday, and by the end of the main race on Sunday, he was the winner.

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