WhatsApp scam warning issued by Isle of Wight police

A SCAM doing the rounds of WhatsApp has been highlighted by an Isle of Wight police officer after his own phone was targetted.

Sgt Mark Radford said he had “seen mention of these messages on Facebook groups and on the news” and last night had his own message come through on his mobile.

It stated: “Hi mum I’ve smashed my phone can you Watsapp me on this number ASAP” and then gave the number.

Sgt Radford said: “I’m obviously well versed on what a scam is, this is even more obvious as I am male. These people will ask you to send money for various reasons. Including to get a new phone, somewhere to stay for the night, to get home or larger amounts of money for a bill.

“In the interests of curiosity and of course, research and public safety I couldn’t help myself and I replied. No reply yet but if I get one, you’ll be the first to see the chat history,” he told followers of the Isle of Wight Police Facebook page.

He added: “Please make sure family and friends are aware of this scam, especially our elderly relatives.

“If they are unsure if it is real, then advise them to ask the family member to call and confirm it is them.”

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