“You can get guns in Walmart?”: Lewis Hamilton astounded by knowing easy access of guns in United States

Lewis Hamilton comes from a world far different from the United States, and it quite bewildered him that he could buy a gun in a Walmart.

The seven-time world champion ranks New York among his favourite cities. So much so that he owns a house in the city and sold one for a massive sum of $50 million a few years ago.

However, he lives in Europe for most of the year, and apart from a handful of commercial events and Grand Prix races, he hardly ever visits the United States.

Thus, he is aloof to several things in the Northern American country. Though, he is well aware of the second amendment of the US constitution, which grants the right to the people of their country to keep arms.

However, when he learned that one could buy a gun from a Walmart, the seven-time world champion was utterly baffled. The fact that a person can buy a box of cereal and a firearm from the same store puzzled the Briton.

“What do you guys think about it?” asked Hamilton to D&M on their Youtube channel. “I don’t wanna get shot, I’m not gonna say anything,” replied Desus. “You can get in the sports stores, crazy,” said Hamilton.

“You can get it in Walmart,” Desus adds. Hamilton was shocked when he heard, “You can get tyres, cereals, and a gun in the same store,” adds Mero.

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Lewis Hamilton is excited about F1 immersing into the American market

F1 had tried to enter the US market for a long time. However, it lagged against their local motorsport NASCAR and IndyCar. But since the time Netflix brought in the F1 docuseries Drive to Survive to the American viewers, it has grown massively.

So much that the demand for F1 races has only increased in the United States, in 2023, the sport will have three races in Austin, Miami and Las Vegas.

With this, Hamilton is glad that F1 is finally penetrating the American market. The Briton for long was a huge supporter of the US having more than one race, as he thinks their sporting culture is big enough to absorb multiple races.

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