Local historical society to add lounge and coffee bar

QUINCY (WGEM) – The Historical Society of Quincy and Adams County received an anonymous donation to add a lounge and coffee bar to its visitors center.

The anonymous donor came up with the idea in hopes to create a space for community members to socialize and relax.

This room will give guest opportunities to participate in the their Lending Library, taking and giving books back to read and enjoy.

There will be an open house from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Thursday Sept. 29, also known as National Coffee Day, with a complimentary coffee bar for all who visit.

There will also be a ribbon cutting at 9 a.m. held by the Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce.

The lounge the coffee bar is in will have many local artifacts from the area on display with informational video to go with them.

“We have the Lending Library, we are gonna have artifacts on display,” said Rob Mellon, Executive Director of the Historical Society of Quincy and Adams County. “Then it is a space for groups that don’t have a traditional building or anything like that.”

Mellon also said that the coffee bar is more of a thank you to the guests of the Historical Society.

The lounge is going to be designed in a similar style to the Governor John Wood Mansion. Features like hand laid oak, marble tile fireplace hearth, a vintage welcome counter and black granite countertops are just a few things expected in to be in the new lounge.

A new patio that is accessible from the lounge has been installed outside the building as well.

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