Sony Releases New PS4 System Software Update

Sony releases a brand-new system software update for its PlayStation 4 console, and here are the patch notes.

Sony has released PlayStation 4 system software update 10.01 for users to download now. Sony’s PlayStation 4 console is nearly a decade old at this point, and while Sony is clearly shifting its attention to the PS5, its last-gen console is still getting support. This includes regular new game releases with no signs of slowing down, as well as system software updates to improve the console in various ways.

Sony recently released PS4 update 10.0, which made changes to the Internet Browser and Remote Play. That particular PS4 system software update made it possible for users to zoom in on web pages when using the console’s Internet Browser, and it also made it easier for users to use a mouse and keyboard when playing PlayStation games on PC using Remote Play. The latest update doesn’t offer any new features, but it should still be an improvement.


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As revealed in the official patch notes, PS4 update 10.01 improves system performance. Unfortunately for anyone wanting more information on exactly what this new update does, Sony did not go into any details beyond that. The update started rolling out to PS4 gamers earlier this week, so gamers should be able to boot up their systems and download it for themselves right now.

PS4 Update 10.01 Patch Notes

  • This system software update improves system performance.

Whenever a new PS4 update is sent out, there are some who are worried that it might cause issues for their system. As some may recall, there were some major issues associated with PS4 update 9.00 last year, though they were resolved fairly quickly. Regardless, there may be those who remember the 9.00 update issues and are weary about downloading update 10.01 right away.

Luckily, there does not seem to be any widespread problems with PS4 update 10.01. So barring any unforeseen issues, it should be safe for PS4 gamers to download update 10.01 with no worry. And if there are any problems with the update that come to light as more PS4 gamers download it, then fans can count on Sony moving quick to fix any problems with a follow-up patch.

Fans should be able to expect more PS4 system updates down the road. While the PlayStation 5 is Sony’s main focus right now, the PS4’s install base is absolutely massive, and so the company will continue supporting the console for some time to come, especially since it’s been difficult for many to upgrade to a PS5.

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