TikToker discovers phone recording her in fitting room

Terry Oh

Published: 2022-09-23T22:28:27

Updated: 2022-09-23T22:28:46

In a shocking video, a TikToker uncovered a phone sitting snugly in a pair of shoes, peeping directly towards the inside of her fitting room. Other users commented their shock, condemning the act of recording without consent.

On September 5, TikToker sunshineandfreckles shared a video where she is shown hanging out in what appears to be a clothing shop fitting room. Nothing too notable occurred during the first couple of seconds, until she zoomed the camera into a shoe that was poking inside her fitting room.

A phone and a wallet were seen sitting comfortably within the shoe. It’s speculated that these may have been owned by the customer in the next stall.

But the phone seemed a bit too conveniently positioned, perfectly facing into the TikToker’s stall. If the video were recording, it would have caught all the changing on camera, positioned so stealthily that most wouldn’t have noticed its presence.

Many users presumed the phone was recording, pondering their thoughts in the comment section.

“Was it recording?” a user asked.

“There’s quite a few apps that let you record with the screen off,” another pointed out.

Another user added that “you can see the privacy screen… it was. Just at certain angles it looks off.”

After showing the phone on the ground, the TikToker covered the phone up with a surplus of clothing to avoid being recorded.

The top comments on the video condemned the unsolicited recording: “I was hoping you snatched his phone and reported it but I get why you didn’t.”

Sunshineandfreckles captioned the video with a warning to people using fitting rooms: “Always be aware of your surroundings ladies and theydees,” hoping to advise others of the same potential threat.

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