Another Round of Speculation about Chevron?

An upcoming SCOTUS case provides an opening for greater dispute over the power of regulatory agencies. After the Supreme Court’s decision in West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency, administrative law experts again asked the perennial question: Is Chevron deference dead? Although we may not have a definitive answer for some time, the upcoming Supreme Court … Read more

Your Highness the Amir, Your Highness the Crown Prince: Throw your staffs, perhaps a gliding serpent will appear – ARAB TIMES

WhatsApp Facebook Twitter Email Messenger This post has been read 2274 times! YOUR Highnesses, there will be nothing good in us if we do not speak to you frankly. Advising you is our religious duty. The concern of our national interests is the responsibility of every citizen. As per the Constitution, laws, customs and traditions, … Read more

Meeting the four-legged friends that watched Worlds

The Road World Championships saw the streets of Wollongong come abuzz with spectators. Some were lifelong cycling fans, others were just locals soaking up the good vibes. And come the final day of racing, our four-legged friends were out for a good day in the sun.  Let’s meet some of them and find out what … Read more

Why Kiyotaka’s father wants his son to leave the school?

In Classroom of the Elite, Kiyotaka’s father is one of the most enigmatic characters whose first name remains undisclosed, which is why he is usually referred to as Mr. Ayanokouji or Professor. Within the anime, he has the least screen time as he made his first debut in Kiyotaka’s flashback in episode 10 of the … Read more

Degree apprenticeship: From classroom to boardroom

According to some reports, while jobs have indeed reached small-town India over the last few years, there aren’t many ‘well-paying jobs’ out there. As a result, many graduates and 12th pass workers relocate to urban areas. Most of them, however, struggle in urban areas as well because of lack of required skills. “There is a … Read more

Thinking Beyond Classroom – BW Education

Abishek Kumar Yadav, Founder Chairman & Academic Director, Griffins International School, believes new and convenient technologies in education sector is the need of the hour. BW Education engages with him in an insightful conversation. Excerpts: What is the need of the hour in the education sector? Today, Indian economy is reaching to every corner of … Read more

“Girls Who Code” books banned in some US classrooms • The Register

Books aimed at encouraging tween girls to code appear to have allegedly been removed from classrooms in Pennsylvania’s Central York School District. The “banned” books are the first four in the Girls Who Code Series: The Friendship Code, Team BFF: Race to the Finish! , Girls Who Code, Lights, Music, Code! , and Spotlight on … Read more

Clamping down on clickbait: A Google Search update we can all get behind

Andy Cullwick, head of marketing at First4Lawyers What do you need to do about Google’s latest Search update? The answer is simply to keep producing quality content Know the release date for Line of Duty season 7? No, me neither. But type the question into Google and numerous websites promising all the details pop up. … Read more

Google Distributed Cloud Virtual Now Supports Virtual Machines

Recently Google announced the general availability of virtual machine (VM) support in Anthos for bare metal, also known as Google Distributed Cloud Virtual (GDC), which will allow customers to run VMs alongside containers on a single, unified, Google Cloud-connected platform in their data center or at the edge. Earlier, the company previewed VM support for … Read more