Euro-Med Monitor: Independent Study Should Be Crucial In Changing Meta’s Policy Of Restricting Palestinian Content

Sunday, 25 September 2022, 6:22 amPress Release: Euro Med Monitor Geneva – Meta Platforms, Inc. must address the serious flaws in its system and a biased policy that impeded millions of users’ freedom of publication and expression during the violent events in the Palestinian territories in May 2021, Euro-Med Monitor said in a statement. Euro-Med … Read more

YouTube is testing a new way for creators to promote content

YouTube is experimenting with a new way for creators to promote their channels and content without having to go through Google Ads Manager. The Google-owned company is testing a new “Promotions” tab within YouTube Studio that will make buying ads easier for creators. The new tab is being tested with a limited number of creators … Read more

YouTube Stars Create Content Without Woke Lectures

There’s a broadening market for cultural criticism on streaming platforms like YouTube, Rumble and Odysee. Fans outraged by the wokening of their favorite childhood properties like “Star Wars” (Disney) and “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” (Prime Video) are letting their voices be heard. The further Hollywood producers drift from the source … Read more

Google On Percentage That Represents Duplicate Content

Google’s John Mueller recently answered a question of whether there’s a percentage threshold of content duplication that Google uses to identify and filter out duplicate content. What Percentage Equals Duplicate Content? The conversation actually started on Facebook when Duane Forrester (@DuaneForrester) asked if anyone knew if any search engine has published a percentage of content … Read more

Content API for Shopping and Google Ads API updated for country targeting

Updates to the country targeting for shopping products, with the introduction of the feedLabel field, have begun. Recent updates to the API. Last month we announced that Google was removing the country targeting requirements were being removed and replaced with a new feedLabel field. Today Google announced updates to those changes including: For Google Ads … Read more

Preserve Vital Online Content With Bellingcat’s Auto Archiver

Open source research often relies on social media posts that contain videos and images. However, these posts can be taken down by platforms or deleted by those posting them. That’s why we at Bellingcat created a tool — the Auto Archiver — to help the open-source community, as well as journalists and researchers, easily archive … Read more

ESPN Updating, Expanding, Prioritizing Sports Wagering Content

ESPN may still not know its sports wagering end game with regard to whether it will have its own sportsbook or partner with one, but the Disney-owned network and multimedia platform is definitely making the commitment to content as betting continues to expand across the United States. ESPN recently announced an expansion of programming that … Read more

Ask Jules: I want to be a content creator. No one takes me seriously.

Hi Jules: How do you deal with friends or family who don’t understand the allure of being a content creator? I’m in the Midwest and my friend group doesn’t really participate in online culture at all — just sports and Netflix. I’m trying to become a full-time creator, and they talk to me as if … Read more

ATEN’s Hybrid Workplace and Content Streaming Products Garnered Visitors’ Highest Interests at InfoComm 2022

2.The UC9040 StreamLIVE™ PRO All-in-one Multi-channel AV Mixer The UC9040 StreamLIVE™ PRO All-in-one Multi-channel AV Mixer. The ATEN UC9040 StreamLIVE PRO is an all-in-one 4-port HDMI AV mixer, a portable video production system that users can take anywhere without the need for carrying a monitor and a computer. Before the upgrade, it could be controlled … Read more

Twitch to Ban a Certain Gambling Content

Twitch gambling rules are changing thanks to the massive outcry against the platform’s sponsored streams. This last week has seen the debate over Twitch gambling heat up. After a stream’s scam to steal thousands from fellow streamers and others came crashing down, many big names have been calling for banning Twitch gambling. They’ve now responded. … Read more