Letters: Bad to stop stadium ‘P3’ at this late stage; Use beach stand as zoo, aquarium booth; Simplify confusing airport posts’ signage

Mahalo for supporting Honolulu Star-Advertiser. Enjoy this free story! Bad to stop stadium ‘P3’ at this late stage I am appalled at the ill-advised decision by Gov. David Ige to stop the stadium procurement. Why at this late stage in his administration, when the Department of Accounting and General Services (DAGS) is about to release … Read more

LETTERS — Not enough to live on, plea for Yarmouth ferry, glyphosate rebuttal, youth and climate change & more

It’s on government In a recent article about the struggles of an income assistance recipient to find housing, Robert Stewart posed the question: “Is the government just going to let them live in tents all winter?” If the government doesn’t significantly increase income assistance rates, sadly the answer will be yes. We know, according to … Read more

Fired postdoc faked recommendation letters from supervisor, OSU alleges – Retraction Watch

George Laliotis A major research institution has accused a former postdoc of forging letters of recommendation from a supervisor, according to a court complaint.  Georgios Laliotis was terminated by The Ohio State University on Nov. 30, 2021, according to the complaint filed in Franklin County Municipal Court, which we’ve made available here. Earlier that month, … Read more

Letters: Short-term rental regulations should help local residents stay in charge | Letters

Regarding short-term rentals in Orleans Parish: STRs bring tourists into neighborhoods, so they can walk around and eat and drink where locals do. This is great for New Orleans. It puts money in locals’ pockets and increases our tax base, but the city is not responding appropriately. A recent article stated there are three times … Read more

Letter: Candidate’s Facebook message not appreciated | Letters to Editor

Last night, I presented comments at the town council meeting regarding Spring Ave ROW. This morning I awoke to a threatening message in my Facebook account. Town Council candidate, Robert Lombardo wrote: “thank you for showing up at the town council meeting and showing everyone that you have no idea about what you are talking … Read more

Foster Campbell: Eliminate state income tax and instead get money from oil and gas riches | Letters

Those pushing to eliminate Louisiana’s income tax are onto something. Many of the nation’s fastest-growing states have no income tax, including Texas, Tennessee, Florida and Nevada. I pushed this idea in the Legislature in the 1990s. The main question you face is how to make up $4 billion in lost revenue. Spare me the old … Read more

Water woes worsen; WWJD? Not use humans as pawns: Letters, Sept. 18, 2022

Parking woes in Stuart, Fort Pierce show lack of concern for citizens What are our city commissioners thinking? When Stuart had a perfect site to build a parking garage, they instead leased the property for 99 years to a real estate corporation for rental apartments. Currently, the city of Fort Pierce approved the former power plant property … Read more

Letter: DeSantis, Abbott disregard science at their own peril | Letters

Mitch McConnell is a survivor of polio. I remember polio and the iron lung. I am sure that McConnell knows the power of that tiny virus. Meanwhile his favorite governor in Florida, Ron DeSantis, likes to throw barbs at Dr. Anthony Fauci. A dangerous thing to do. The Covid-19 virus is not through with Florida … Read more