Counter-Strike Skins Drive Twitch Streaming Gambling

Post Views: 6 Twitch, the popular streaming site where millions of users spend hours every day watching live feeds of their favorite gamers or even completing math problems in real time, has recently witnessed the rise of cryptocurrency gaming, including bitcoin casinos and sports betting. It can be traced back to websites that offer Counter-Strike Skin … Read more

Press Play to Start: Twitch drama shows value of effective communication

Oh God, midterms are coming soon. Thinking about it, I don’t feel ready to tackle them. Maybe all the time I spent playing video games instead of studying during the heatwave is finally coming back to bite me in the butt. Oh well, since I still have a week until my first scheduled test, I’ll … Read more

Ludwig explains YouTube’s streaming advantages as Twitch is “falling apart”

Sam Comrie   ❘   Published: 2022-09-24T16:05:18   ❘   Updated: 2022-09-24T16:05:37 YouTube streamer Ludwig has offered advice for creators looking to move away from Twitch, citing a lack of key functions for growth within the Amazon-owned platform. The landscape of streaming was changed forever when cultural figureheads such as Ludwig Ahgren, Dr Disrespect and … Read more

Cenat is now second most-subbed streamer on Twitch, beating xQc

Streamer Kai Cenat has reached another milestone, this time beating Felix “xQc” Lengyel to take the spot of second most-subbed streamer on Twitch. Cenat has exploded on Twitch recently. He first made headlines in August after reaching 60,000 subscribers. This shocked a lot of people who felt they had never even heard of the content … Read more

EMILY PRESCOTT: Pressure’s off for Lorraine Kelly after she didn’t make boss’s ‘trousers twitch’

EMILY PRESCOTT: ‘Pressure was off’ for Lorraine Kelly after male boss said she didn’t make his ‘trousers twitch’ By Emily Prescott For The Mail On Sunday Published: 00:55 BST, 25 September 2022 | Updated: 01:11 BST, 25 September 2022 TV presenter Lorraine Kelly tells me she didn’t feel insulted when a male boss said to … Read more

Child Predators Mine Twitch to Prey on Kids

Some churches across the United States are using invasive phone-monitoring technology in efforts to discourage “sinful” behavior, a WIRED investigation revealed this week. The churches are using a series of apps, dubbed “shameware,” that track people’s activity and use their personal data as a way to control their lifestyle choices. The apps can record everything … Read more

Alinity asks for privacy after being pulled into ongoing Twitch drama

Twitch streamer Alinity expressed last night that she only wishes to be left alone after being mentioned on The Leftovers Podcast, comparing xQc’s coverage of AdrianahLee’s sexual assault with the alleged DMs released between Trainwreck and Alinity. The past week has seen unprecedented conflict between countless Twitch streamers. AdrianahLee’s sexual assault accusations against CrazySlick have … Read more

Twitch Had A Chaotic Week, From Matt Gaetz To Mizkif

Mizkif apologizes for his behavior In an argument that started over the gambling ban, slot gambling streamer Trainwreckstv accused fellow Twitch streamer Mizkif of covering up an alleged sexual assault. Streamer AdrianahLee said during a livestream that CrazySlick, Mizkif’s friend and former housemate, sent her sexually charged messages and touched her when she passed out … Read more

Spawn’s Sam and Twitch Become Killer McFarlane Toys Figures

The fan-favorite buddy cop duo from Spawn are receiving new action figure sculpts for the first time in years courtesy of McFarlane Toys. Sam and Twitch of Spawn fame are receiving a new two-pack action figure release from McFarlane Toys in the near future. The new sculpts for both characters were teased on the McFarlane … Read more